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Our fair use policy

The work that we do for students is only for their guidance because we ask them not to use it for writing their academic papers, such as essays and assignments. Use our assistance only for your further research work and getting a better understanding of academic subjects. This website is designed to help customers create their unique writing pieces.

Our writers and researchers are fond of education and they assist students in a way that helps them gain the knowledge necessary to succeed. Copying our work can't help you improve learning abilities and writing skills. Submitting custom answers is tempting, but it's not our fair use policy. To benefit from them, use modern answers as a basis for your own 100% unique work.

How should you use model answers? offers users clear illustration of how to answer specific prompt questions. As a researcher, you can have a different view on a writing assignment, so our model answers provide you with a specific approach to given questions and a strong starting point to write your own paper and do your deep research.

What is the best way to use our model answers?

Take the following steps:
  1. Read model answers to get the right understanding of how your research respond to given questions;
  2. Read all of their sections and paragraphs while taking notes;
  3. Come up with your personal arguments and ideas based on them;
  4. Find and review the sources used by our researchers in model answers;
  5. Use the most reliable sources to further your own research and find suitable materials;
  6. Read the information you have and determine the content that will be included in your paper.

Use our model answers as a helpful guide during your own writing. For instance, they can help you find out more about the range, structure, and quality of available sources of information in addition to the necessary critical analysis. Your final work must be 100% unique and based on your personal views and ideas. Of course, it takes more energy and time than simply submitting our custom answers, but you will learn the subject better this way.

Is it allowed to submit our model answers?

You shouldn't do that because it will be considered plagiarism. Even if you make small changes to the work done by our researchers, you still risk getting caught for plagiarism. provides custom services with multiple benefits, but only if you use them based on this fair use policy. How can we help you? With our services, you can improve marks, learn to write excellent academic papers, and achieve your academic success.

Why should you get our model answers?

Once you check this fair use policy, it's clear that you ask this common question, just like many other users. The main thing is that students usually check multiple sources to get the information necessary to complete their academic assignments. In most cases, they end up with outdated, unreliable, or incomplete data. This is when our helpful service will come in handy! We provide struggling students with an excellent framework needed to proceed to answer given question and get improved grades.

It's no secret that using examples is a very effective way to learn. Our work is 100% correct answers, but you should use them as helpful examples to do your own research and writing. If you have any questions about our fair use policy, contact customer support.