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We use different cookies on, so when using any of our services, you voluntary consent to their use too.

Check this cookies policy to get more information about the following:
  1. What cookies are;
  2. How we use them;
  3. How third parties may use them;
  4. Your available choices regarding them;
  5. Any further information.

What cookies are all about

Basically, all cookies are small text pieces sent by the chosen web browser through the site you visit. Special cookie files are stored in it and they allow our custom writing service or relevant third parties to recognize you and make next visits simpler. Cookies are categorized as session and persistent.

How this service uses cookies

We use a range of cookies on this website for different purposes. We use the so-called implied consent policy, which means that customers are assumed to be satisfied with their use. However, if you aren't happy for any reasons, stop using this service and delete cookies after visiting it. Another solution that can be used in this case is setting the anonymous use of your browser. When you access and use this website, there are different cookies files that can be placed by it in your chosen web browser. We use them for the following reasons:

  1. Providing the necessary analytics;
  2. Enabling specific service functions;
  3. Storing customer preferences;
  4. Enabling the delivery of ads. uses both persistent and session cookies. For example, essential cookies are used by our service to prevent any fraudulent use of the personal accounts of customers and authenticate all users.

Third-party cookies

We use not only our cookies, but also different third-party cookies to deliver ads, report stats, etc.

Customer choices regarding our cookies

If you want to set your chosen web browser to refute cookies and delete them, you should visit special help pages. Keep in mind that if you refuse to accept or delete them, you lose a chance to benefit from all of our available features. Some web pages won't be displayed correctly and you will a possibility to store personal preferences.

A list of our main cookies

Find out more about our main cookies and their basic purposes. We use Google Analytics to get a better idea of how this website is used by visitors to improve their user experience. Their personal data remain anonymous because we don't let

Google share and use analytics results. The following cookies are associated with Google Analytics:
  1. Utmb works to calculate the average time spent by users and it usually expires after half an hour;
  2. Utma determines the number of our visitors and its duration is 2 years;
  3. Utmz gets detailed information about how users reach this website and expires after half a year;
  4. Utmc calculates when users close their web browsers and expires right after that.

We may use other cookies to store customer data too.

Links to other sites

This site contains links to other online resources, but we don't have any control over them and their cookies once you follow such links. We aren't responsible for your privacy and protection while visiting such websites because they aren't governed by our privacy policy.

Our cookie policy

To get access to specific areas of and use some of our services, visitors are asked to register and provide their personal information. We use your sensitive data to process online order and contact you when needed. These functions are enabled through cookies, which are the small files sent to your computer and other similar devices that we can access each time when you visit this website. This step is taken to avoid the necessity to register every time.

If you want to delete any of our cookies that are on your computing device, check detailed instructions of your file management software and find the directory that stores such files. Note that after disabling or deleting our cookies, it may be hard to access some of our useful features and services.