Complaints Policy

Our complaints policy

What customers think is important to use because providing them with the best service is our top priority. Feel free to give your feedbacks because we're happy to hear them. Our basic goal is to prevent all visitors from experiencing any issues when using our online services. Sometimes, things may go wrong and we understand that. If it happens to you, get in touch with us directly. is focused on solving customer problems as fast as possible. If we fail to determine the most effective solution right away, we will agree further steps with you.

We appreciate your comments even if you're unhappy with this service for any reason because they help us improve. When you have any complaint, file it and we do everything possible to resolve it fast. is designed to guarantee that all online orders satisfy customers. That's why we set this complaints policy because its main purpose is to provide users with effective ways to contact us if we fail to deliver the best service and fast solutions to deal with complaints.

How we handle service complaints

If customer complaints concern the services they used, it's necessary to send an email to share a problem and find its effective solution. There are different departments involved, so you should write whether your complaint is about the following:

  1. Quality control;
  2. Use of this website;
  3. Your customer experience;
  4. Human resources.

If you can't define the right department to handle a complaint or have other problems, send it to our customer support to get the necessary help.

Our responding time responds all emails with customer complaints on the same day if they're sent during its operational hours. When it comes to busy periods, they will be answered the next day.

The actions we take

The first thing that we do is directing customer complaints to the right department. After that, we assign a department manager to deal with your complaint personally. This specialist is responsible for the following:

  1. Reviewing your complaint;
  2. Researching and investigating;
  3. Contacting you to get any extra information.

Your department manager must keep you informed about the action taken by this website and our attempts to resolve your complaint. The main reason is that our main objective is to guarantee that all customers are fully satisfied with our services and will return to this site in the future.

Information about quality complaints

When customers have any concerns about the quality of our work, they can contact our quality control department 24/7 and share the details necessary to solve this problem. You have 7 days to take this step because it becomes our discretion to provide you with any solutions under terms and conditions if you notify us after this period. However, we always treat customer complaints outside their amendment period with the same attention.

Our responding time

We do everything possible to answer all customer emails on the same day if they're sent during operational hours. During busy periods, we may respond your queries the next business day.

Our actions

When we're sure that customers have their justified complaints, they're forwarded to assigned writers for free revisions and changes. If we have reasons to suspect that customer complaints aren't justified and they're based on some minor problems, our writers will solve them too. When your complaints have no justifications at all, you will receive a special respond with reasoning for our doubts and a request to share more information on this issue. In this case, we may consider amending orders for a small fee.

If we don't agree with customers about complaints, we choose other experts to check them and send a special assessment sheet. The cost of this check is covered by If the justification of your complaints is confirmed, assigned writers will make the necessary changes for free. On the contrary, if your complaint is confirmed to be unjustified, we will do our best to reach a suitable agreement to satisfy your needs, and we consider each case individually.

If your complaint concerns something that can't be amended, including passed deadlines, we will investigate it just like we handle timely requests. If we have clear reasons to believe that customer claims are valid, we do everything possible to reach their amicable resolutions. For examples, this service can provide credits for further orders and offer full or partial refunds.

What if customers are still unsatisfied?

If you are still unhappy with how we resolved your complaint, contact us directly for further details and resolutions.

Can you take any legal action?

All customers are eligible to take their cases to courses if they feel that this website isn't fair. However, our goal is to ensure that all users are fully satisfied with the services we offer. That's why we are eager to receive all complaints before considering any legal or other actions. So, a court is always a last resort after trying other available solutions. Another drawback is that taking any legal action turns out to be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor for all parties involved. Besides, courts don't like when people waste their time on the issues that can be resolved by first informing the other party involved. In this case, they rile out that people didn't make their attempt to resolve their dispute, so they must cover the costs for a case.

If you have any complaint that must be resolved, the first step that should be taken is contacting us directly either through your personal account on this website or email to share all details and reasons that make you suspect that our treatment wasn't fair. If you don't receive a respond in a few operational days, call us because we may miss your email. We will tell you who is responsible and when a feedback is expected. It's an important step to guarantee that we receive your fair notice and allow us to find a perfect solution. If you suspect that we failed to deal with your complaint satisfactory, think about other ways to resolve a dispute. For example, we can submit it to independent experts for their evaluation and decision.

What rights you have as a customer sets specific terms and conditions to determine the way our services are provided to customers. Based on them, you have the following rights as our client:

  1. Receiving your orders on time;
  2. Getting high-quality work based on required standards;
  3. Receive plagiarism-free end products that meet individual specifications;
  4. Get the necessary amendments if you aren't satisfied.

Our cancellation period

Our online company specializes in providing unique writing services, so customers can't cancel their orders once our professionals start processing and working on them.

Further assistance

If you don't understand our complaints policy, send your email to [email protected] to get detailed explanations from our qualified specialists. This website is focused on providing customers with their complete satisfaction, so we're ready to make exceptions from terms and conditions to guarantee it.